Patience: It is done.

May 24, 2017

In November of 2013, 132 Kickstarter backers helped me raise over $10,000 to make a new album, the emotional sequel to Thought Experiment, and to make it the very best album I could. I promised to have it to them in a year. I was not able to keep that promise. This promise, though, I did keep: I made the very best album I could. There are still a few steps left before Patience is all done and ready to put in your hands, but the release date is ironclad: September 7 2017. I hope you’ll find it was worth the wait.

I named this project Patience after a musician’s cardinal virtue – so the joke’s on me, I suppose! I never intended to take so long releasing it, but it’s hardly surprising – my ideas were ambitious, my standards are high, and, frankly, I have a history of overcommitting myself. I’ve always been the type to write cheques my body, my spirit, and the 24-hour day just can’t cash. Furthermore, the last four years have been eventful ones for me. No matter what happened, though, and no matter what life put in my path, this project was always on my mind, every day, as the most important thing I had going on. What am I going to do with myself now that it’s done? This album release feels like a graduation, or a wedding. My life simply won’t be the same once it’s over.

So, like a graduation, or a wedding, this calls for a party – and I know how to throw a great CD release bash. You can buy your tickets, and your copy of Patience, here. This concert will feature the talents of many fine musicians who helped bring Patience to life in studio. Even the lovely violinist Sonia Shklarov, who first worked with me on ‘The Dragon-Slayer’ back in 2008, will be joining us. She has graced many songs on Thought Experiment and Patience with her superior talent, but has never performed with me live, because she does not live in Calgary. Her presence alone would be reason enough to come.

I am about to celebrate the completion of the best thing I have ever done, and I hope you’ll be there to share it with me. Get your tickets here. Meanwhile, let’s keep in touch. ‘Like’ my page on Facebook if you want to stay up to date with stories of the mixing and mastering process, graphic design, and preparation for a smashing CD release bash.